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Unreached People Groups in Canada

Did you know that there are unreached people groups in Canada?  No, not groups of people who have never been encountered, but people groups who do not have sufficient Christian adherents to evangelize their own people.

These groups need prayer for God to raise up workers because the time is short and the harvest is plentiful!

Check out the groups at  See how you can be involved in reaching them before it is too late.

New Resources

A link to the 40 Day Prayer Covenant.  This is great stuff, very effective in changing your life and the lives of others.  Commit to 40 days and your life will take on a new perspective.


A link to Esthernet, a Child Intercessors site.  Did you know there are around a million children doing intercessory prayer for the church and the world?  God is raising up the next generation.

Prayer Resouces

Sometimes we have a bit of a problem becoming enthused about a calling we know we have.  It seems as if there are so many things that can confuse us and cause us to hesitate jumping in to respond to the call with both feet.  It is hard to be excited because of all the unknowns.

The best way to become enthused and excited it to start to become part of whatever it is we are called to do.  If we beleive we are called to preach, start writing a sermon, start studying to teach, start seeking opportunities to speak.  If it is in worship leading, practice it at home by listening and being part of the worship as we follow someone else on the TV or Internet. 

Getting involved soon makes us feel more comfortable about the calling but it also gives us ideas and sets us into the right direction.

This also applies to the enitre Prayer Initiative.  We may feel the call but also feel overwhelmed by the task.  The best way to not only catch the excitement but to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and incapable is to start particapating.

To assist in this, the following are several prayer conference calls which you can participate in.  You can "lurk" (listen in) for a while and then when you feel comfortable you may become vocal in your partication.  Most of the sites deal with prayer for America, but as Canadians we also deal with the same issues and we can glean a lot from listening to what others are already engaged in.

Incense and Bread Crumbs - Wednesdays at 6:30 AM EST - 641-715-3580 access code 466086

Billion Soul Network Prayer for Unreached People Groups - First Thuesday at 12:30 PM EST - 641-715-3580 Access code 466086

Transform USA - First Thursday 11 AM EST - 641-715-3655 Access Code 530603

National Day of Prayer - First Thursday at 8 PM EST 641-712-432-0075 Access Code 4961322

Liberty Prayer Network - East Coast 4th Watch - Sundays 3 A< EST - 641-715-3570 Access Code 448141

Prayer Surge NOW - Saturdays 7:30 AM EST - 641-712-432-0075 Access Code 6149782

Saturday Night Fire - Saturday at 9 PM EST - 641-715-3580 Access Code 466086

Discription of Contents

In these blog posts you will find information relating to prayer in a more general sense.  Some of the posts may encourage you to pray, others may encourage you to establish a prayer team, still others simply report on prayer events happening in other parts of the courntry or world and some of the impacts these prayers are having.  Feel free to send comments to the National Prayer Coordinator..