Prayer Blog



In these blog posts you will find information relating to prayer in a more general sense. Some of the posts may encourage you to pray, others may encourage you to establish a prayer team, still others simply report on prayer events happening in other parts of the country or the world and some of the impacts these prayers are having. Feel free to send comments to National Prayer Coordinator


Sometimes we need to be inspired to pray! Sometimes we need to be inspired to continue to "pray steadfastly" when all around us life goes on and we are caught up in the busyness of the daily routine. Here you may find just what is needed to spur you on. Focused sayings relating to prayer that may get you up and going, or at least down on your knees in prayer, praise, worship and magnifying the name of our God.

Praise Reports

Does our loving Father in Heaven really listen to what we pray? What is the use of praying if we never get answers? Are the answers anything like what we prayed for? Recognizing the answers to prayer gives encouragement to continue on. But it also makes our Father very real to us in our daily life as we see how he not only listens and responds but how he often exceeds what we asked for. These Praise Reports should give us reason to bend the knee in worship and thanksgiving.

Prayer Requests

Here you will find a list of prayer requests submitted by the members or the various prayer teams. These will be monitored and updated on a regular basis. If you have a request that is of a sub regional, regional or national scope and relates to our purpose and goals as noted in the introduction to the Prayer Section, please submit the request to the National Prayer Coordinator . If it meets the requirements, it will be posted. Either way, you will get a response from the Coordinator.


There are many excellent teachings about prayer, including some very practical suggestions regarding the "how to" of prayer. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we offer links to various teachings or present the teachings directly. Please note that IAOGCan does not necessarily agree with all the comments made in the teachings of others but encourages discussion and discernment by the reader - discernment to "keep the wheat and blow away the chaff". . However, we also reserve the right to add our own teachings and pray that you will be blessed by them.