As a Fellowship we have joined with the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America in making churches "Houses of Prayer".  Prayer for the nation, prayer for revival in Canada. We believe that our present society is on the decline, morally and spiritually, and the only way for a change to occur is for  the followers of Jesus Christ to unite, to seek the face of God in prayer and intercession on behalf of the nation.  If change  is to occur it will need a spiritual re-awakening and revival; the heart of people need to be changed before we can see that  change reflected in our laws and our practices.  History demonstrates that such awakening and revival is always birthed in  prayer, intentional and deliberate prayer.

As members of the Prayer Commission of the PCCNA we desire to mobilize and nurture a culture   of prayer.  Some of the values we hold relating to this are:

-  We value united prayer.

-  We value prayer that is transformational, worshipful at its heart, and missional at its edge.

-  We value biblical, scripture based prayer that moves us to incarnate Christ and empowers us to proclaim him with  Pentecostal power.

-  We value prayer in our homes - the family altar, daily and personal prayer, prayer between couples, blessings over our children, prayer integrated into the fabric of daily life.

-  We value corporate prayer through congregational prayer gatherings.

-  We value intercession and intercessors, and urge pastors and congregations to identify them, train and direct them, team them together, debrief them and honor their commitment to prayer.

-  We value prayer evangelism and believe that a praying intercessor is behind each soul saved, even if no one but Christ intercedes.

-  We value the Church as a cultural change agent, and believe that the penetrating intensity of the Church as a "light" and its potency as "salt" is a result of time spent with God.

-  We value praying in the Spirit, by and with the anointing and enabling of the Spirit.

-  We value holiness and believe that the great evidence of time in the presence of God is transformation into his likeness.

Our goal and vision is to inspire and encourage our membership to bring prayer to the heart of their mission and ministry and to undergird the prayer movement across the Fellowship.  We want to see prayer at the heart of every ministry endeavor; to see pastors and leaders be people of prayer whose first response to a situation is to bend the knee; to establish and encourage a National Prayer team; to establish and encourage Regional Prayer teams; to establish and encourage local church prayer teams; to engage intercessors across the nation; to conduct National and Regional prayer gatherings; and to assist in providing training and resources for all engaged in this endeavor.

We intend to utilize modern technology wherever possible.  We  recognize the importance of face to face communications as a vital part of establishing an IAOGI Canada Prayer Network and will make every attempt to engage in such communications.

We pray that you will join us in this effort to establish the churches once again as "Houses of Prayer".  Take advantage of any resources you find on this site.  Check out our Facebook page related to this prayer imitative.  And feel free to email us at

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with suggestions for resources, creative ideas on moving forward, prayer requests and praise reports.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Gerrit and Rev. Elisabeth Apperloo